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Back The Blue

Dear Friend,

One of the greatest privileges of serving as a state senator is the opportunity to meet the brave men and women of law enforcement. These individuals have chosen a career that is more than just a job. They have chosen to use their talents to serve the public and to contribute to public safety. Their chosen vocation can sometimes require them to risk their own safety for the well-being of their fellow citizens.

I will always be a strong advocate for law enforcement. The Michigan Legislature is currently considering legislation to make a major investment in law enforcement agencies throughout our district and the state. House Bill 5522 would provide additional resources for law enforcement, including:

  • Community Policing Program Grants to help local law enforcement agencies expand law enforcement officer positions dedicated to maintaining a community presence and building neighborhood relationships.
  • Police K-9 Units Grants to help local law enforcement agencies add police dogs to existing K-9 units, or to establish new police K-9 units at departments that do not have K-9 units.
  • Training and Certification Fee Grants to assist local law enforcement agencies with paying for the cost to train and certify new law enforcement officers. Grant funding could also be used to support the cost of training supplies.
  • Law Enforcement Explorer and Job Shadowing Programs to help local public safety departments create or expand explorer and job shadowing programs.
  • School Resource Officer Grants to provide schools with funding to support the additional School Resource Officers that are responsible for ensuring the physical safety of school buildings, teachers, and our students.

I offer my sincerest gratitude to the members of law enforcement and other first responders in our district. It is my honor and privilege to work alongside them and to support their efforts in our communities.

Do you have any comments on House Bill 5522, or other legislation that would impact law enforcement? Or do you know a police officer that deserves to be recognized for their commitment to serve their community? I want to hear from you.


Jon Bumstead
State Senator
34th District

2021-12-20 Back the Blue