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Dear friends:

It is no secret that Michiganders are struggling with historic inflation and are being forced to stretch their budgets further and further each month. Instead of growing government, we should let the hardworking people of our great state keep more of what they earn.

Times are tough right now for far too many West Michigan families and businesses, as skyrocketing fuel prices and generationally high inflation impact stressed budgets. We also can’t afford to see Michigan lose good jobs and good people to neighboring states with lower tax rates.

We recently approved historic tax cuts that would return billions of dollars to Michigan families and seniors. We also approved tax relief to help small businesses recover from the effects of COVID-19 and crippling inflation. Our tax cut plan would help Michiganders struggling to afford the cost of everything from gas, to groceries, to heating their homes.

We don’t need more government spending. We need to help Michiganders keep more of what they earn, and the Michigan Legislature is taking meaningful action to help Michiganders cope with the rising costs of living.

The state’s budget is funded by money that belongs to the people of Michigan. It’s time to return money to the people who need it most and know how to use it best – the taxpayers.

Jon Bumstead
State Senator – 34th District

2022-05-03 Cutting Your Taxes