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Dear friends:

As your state senator, it is my job to represent you in Lansing. It is a job that I take very seriously. The challenges we have faced in recent years have confirmed my belief that state government must be accountable to its residents, especially in times of emergency.

After COVID-19 emergency workplace rules were established to force social distancing and require employees to wear masks, for example, the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) attempted to make these temporary workplace rules permanent.

Permanent rules are not appropriate for temporary events, and I was deeply concerned by the state government’s attempt to encroach on the lives of residents and operations of our businesses.

As the Senate chair of the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, I collected thousands of public comments from workers and job providers who voiced their opinions about the proposed rules. After businesses and employees had spoken, MIOSHA withdrew its request!

Moving forward, my priorities include ensuring that government is transparent, accountable, and open to serve peoples’ needs.

I also want to ensure our state budget process remains transparent, our elections are secure, and attempts by the government to overreach in our lives are stopped.

I will continue exercising all options to promote government transparency and accountability. It is my pleasure to provide you with updates, like this one, from Lansing. I hope you will continue to contact me with your questions and concerns. I have heard from thousands of you and your input is invaluable!


Jon Bumstead
State Senator – 34th District

2022-05-01 Ensuring Government Oversight