2021 Budget Priority Survey

As the vice chair of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, I will have a key role in molding our next state budget.  I have put together a short survey below regarding items the governor has proposed for the 2022 budget, and as your voice in Lansing, I would like to hear your input regarding how your tax dollars will be spent.

2021 Budget Priority Survey
Do you believe the state has provided sufficient funding to fight COVID-19?
What is your top budget priority for the upcoming year?
How important is it for the state to continue funding COVID-19 testing, supplies and vaccines?
How important is additional financial relief for local businesses impacted by COVID-19?
How important are environmental clean-up efforts such as clean water and PFAS contamination?
How important is increasing funding for K-12 education?
How important is increasing funding for roads and public infrastructure?
How important is paying down Michigan’s long-term debt?
How important is investing in the “Rainy Day Fund” to respond to future emergencies?