Bumstead issues statement on governor’s ‘out-of-touch’ budget proposal

Bumstead issues statement on governor’s ‘out-of-touch’ budget proposal

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Appropriations Minority Vice Chair Jon Bumstead, R-North Muskegon, on Wednesday released the following statement following the governor’s proposed budget presentation:

“Today, the governor presented the largest budget in state history, totaling $79 billion. This historic budget proposal is troubling because she also is working hard to squash an automatic tax cut that will benefit every hardworking taxpayer in our state. The people of Michigan need more than a $180 one-time rebate from historic inflation and cannot afford to grow government at this unsustainable pace.

“It is alarming that the state budget director indicated the governor’s budget would wipe out the state’s $9.2 billion surplus and reduce it to just $250 million. A budget that hijacks this surplus to grow government instead of returning money to the taxpayers it belongs to is simply out-of-touch.

“While I look forward to working with the governor to fund the priorities we have in common, such as investing in education, improving our roads and infrastructure, and providing for public safety, I will continue to fight for tax relief over growing the size of our state government. The people of Michigan can spend their own money far better than the state.”


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