Bumstead supports fiscally responsible state budget

Bumstead supports fiscally responsible state budget

LANSING, Mich. — Senate Appropriations Committee Vice Chair Jon Bumstead on Tuesday joined his colleagues in supporting the fiscal year 2020 budget plan.

“Today’s action was long overdue and something that needed to get done. Now, after today’s votes, we’re approaching the final step to completing this year’s budget,” said Bumstead, R-Newaygo. “The measures included in this year’s budget plan will put additional money into our roads, fund our schools at record levels, and work to preserve Michigan’s resources and clean water — all without raising taxes.”

The K-12 plan approved late last week would invest $15.2 billion in education, a total increase of nearly $400 million from last year’s budget. Under that plan, schools would see a foundation allowance boost, while special education, student safety and skilled trades training also saw notable increases.

The plan approved Tuesday includes $120 million to monitor and analyze water quality throughout the state. It would add the $120 million to current efforts to address water quality issues such as PFAS and other contaminants; Lead and Copper Rule implementation; well testing; Drinking Water Revolving Fund loan forgiveness; and more.

“Water quality isn’t a partisan issue; rather, it has been a point of agreement throughout the budget discussions,” Bumstead said. “Throughout the process, I have developed a great partnership with the EGLE director and her staff and I commend the work they’re doing to address PFAS and other contaminants. I am happy this budget was able to reflect the state’s needs as we continue working toward a solution.”

The package also addresses Michigan’s infrastructure needs by boosting funding by $400 million to help improve local roads and bridges across the state.

“With no-fault behind us, roads are the number one issue in Lansing,” Bumstead said. “The governor’s massive proposed tax hike was never a viable solution. We were able to dedicate this money from existing revenue and not raise taxes on working families.”

The 2020 budget plan also includes funding to train new state police troopers and corrections officers, language requiring state departments to work together to ensure veterans receive their benefits, increased funding to local governments, support for rural hospitals and measures to assist farmers.

“This is a responsible budget that reflects existing resources and ensures the state lives within its means,” Bumstead said. “I am proud of the plan we have put together. It responsibly addresses urgent state issues and funds essential programs without a tax increase. Our caucus is optimistic that the governor will sign the budget and keep state government open for business.

The budget bills now head to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for final consideration.


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