Senate Republicans send governor letter, criticize ‘unsustainable’ budget recommendation

Senate Republicans send governor letter, criticize ‘unsustainable’ budget recommendation

LANSING, Mich.Senate Republican Leader Aric Nesbitt and Senate Appropriations Minority Vice Chair Jon Bumstead on Wednesday sent a letter to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and State Budget Director Jen Flood regarding concerns with the state’s budget and its impact on Michigan residents following the governor’s proposed budget presentation.

“What we saw from Gov. Whitmer today was more public relations talking points paid for by the $700 million income tax increase the Democrat majority demanded,” said Nesbitt, R-Porter Township. “Michigan families deserve a government that effectively spends their tax dollars on roads, schools and public safety, but Democrats recklessly squandered a $9 billion surplus, raised income taxes, and are raiding teacher retirement benefits. It’s unfair to force Michigan families to pay billions in government corporate handouts as they struggle to deal with higher grocery bills and energy prices.”

The letter said, “A budget so close to a structural deficit would have been unfathomable just one year ago, when the state had a record $9 billion surplus… With cost pressures increasing annually and so little set aside after last year’s spending spree, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before spending officially outpaces revenues if we do not change course.”

After Flood outlined the governor’s fiscal year 2025 budget recommendation, Bumstead criticized the reliance on more spending and the lack of broad-based tax relief.

“Last year, Democrats blew through a $9.2 billion surplus and fought for a $700 million income tax hike. Now they are presenting an unsustainable budget that spends more money, bloats the size of government, and offers crumbs for average Michigan families still coping with higher costs on virtually everything,” said Bumstead, R-North Muskegon. “The people of Michigan expect us to work together to improve our state. Republicans will seek common ground, but we won’t support irresponsible spending that expands government control and continues global corporate welfare while many families and small businesses struggle to make ends meet.

“Our budget priorities include ensuring all Michigan students get the support they need to succeed in school, keeping our communities safe, protecting vulnerable children in foster care and investing in infrastructure — and doing it all while allowing Michigan families to keep more of their hard-earned money.”


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