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Bumstead, Meerman: JCAR offers opportunity to consider secretary of state’s election proposals through legislation

LANSING, Mich. — The legislative Joint Committee on Administrative Rules on Tuesday allowed for legislation to be introduced related to certain election rulesets proposed by the Department of State.

JCAR chairman Sen. Jon Bumstead, R-34th Senate District, and alternate chairman Rep. Luke Meerman, R-88th House District, issued the following joint statement in response:

“Today, JCAR exercised its right to have bills introduced regarding the administration of elections in Michigan for consideration by the full Legislature.

“We believe that it is in the best interest of every Michigan voter that the issues raised by these proposed rulesets receive careful study and deliberation through the usual legislative process.

“Nothing is more important in our democracy than free, fair, secure, and efficient elections; and we are committed to ensuring Michigan elections stay that way for generations to come. Michigan law allows JCAR to give the Legislature the opportunity to consider the subject of these rules and follow the normal lawmaking process.

“Contrary to statements made during the hearing and afterwards, this part of the legislative process is not a ‘delaying tactic.’ It is an opportunity for the Legislature to play its constitutionally necessary role as Michigan’s deliberative, policy-making body. It should be no surprise that complex policy issues take time to resolve.

“As such, JCAR’s action today will help facilitate an open, public debate on these important issues and we hope the secretary of state will participate in that process.”