Bumstead reacts to Whitmer budget proposal

Bumstead reacts to Whitmer budget proposal

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Jon Bumstead, R-Newaygo, issued the following statement on Wednesday in response to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s fiscal year 2023 budget recommendation:

“Michigan is in a strong financial position because of years of smart budgeting, wise spending, and an influx in one-time federal funding. Today’s state revenues exceed expectations, but I believe we would be better off continuing to make efficient and effective use of taxpayer dollars that transform our state for the better, including paying down debt and investing in our state infrastructure, instead of simply growing government.

“This includes reducing taxes for all working and retired people and businesses alike. The governor proposed to phase out the public pension tax over four years. I am very supportive of providing tax relief for everyone in Michigan, and I believe everyone should be given the same reduction, regardless of the type of retirement income they receive. Additionally, some of our seniors are still working to make ends meet, and they also deserve relief.

“I previously introduced Senate Bill 392 to lower the income tax rate on businesses to improve the economy and create more high-paying jobs to assist families across the state. I also voted in favor of legislation to lower the individual income tax rate to 3.9% and provide a child tax credit to families with children 19 years of age and younger. These bills will provide immediate tax relief to low- and moderate-income families, and I look forward to the governor supporting these commonsense solutions as part of our budgeting strategy.

“The governor also mentioned building upon the school funding in last year’s budget, which equalized funding among K-12 schools for the first time since the passage of Proposal A in 1994. The Legislature has consistently supported our K-12 schools and funding has increased every year under Republican leadership in the last 10 years. I plan to continue this trend and provide schools with the resources they need for our students to be successful.

“We should also invest in priorities like rebuilding water infrastructure across our state, and as budget subcommittee chair for the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, I am committed to developing a budget that effectively invests state dollars to improve the safety and reliability of our state’s water infrastructure. It’s why I introduced Senate Bill 565 to invest $3.3 billion to preserve and protect Michigan’s water quality, infrastructure, and vital natural resources; and why I spearheaded a plan to invest nearly a billion dollars to make upgrades and improvements at Michigan’s state and local parks, which will also create jobs and boost tourism.

“It’s not just taxes, water infrastructure and natural resources — we should also prioritize investing more in fixing our roads and bridges, getting our kids safely back into classrooms, skilled trades education and job training programs, and continuing to pay down our long-term debt. As vice chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, I look forward to working with the governor’s administration to ensure Michigan passes a balanced, responsible budget that funds these critical priorities and that continues to make our state a great place to live and work.”


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