Bumstead opposes spending millions on special projects in supplemental budget package

Bumstead opposes spending millions on special projects in supplemental budget package

LANSING, Mich. – State Sen. Jon Bumstead on Thursday voted ‘no’ on a supplemental budget package that would allocate a total of $371 million in spending for various special projects.

“The people of Michigan sent all 38 of us here to the Senate to honestly represent them and to do what is right,” said Bumstead. “I’m very concerned that we are not doing what is right for the people of Michigan.”

Of the $371 million included in the supplemental, $25 million will be used to help combat the coronavirus public health emergency, $16 million will be spent on the Pure Michigan marketing campaign, and $15 million will be used to support Going Pro which provides employer-based training grants.

“The coronavirus is a state and national public health emergency, and I absolutely believe we need to take this threat seriously,” Bumstead said. “I support the state spending additional money to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but I do not support tying this funding to special projects that only benefit a small portion of the state.”

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) recently activated the Community Health Emergency Coordination Center, and they have been working diligently with local health departments, health systems and medical providers to make sure appropriate screening and preparations for coronavirus disease are being made. Funding in this supplemental would go to support these efforts across the state.

“While there may be some very good items in this spending bill, I’m very concerned that there are millions of dollars of unnecessary spending in the supplemental budget package in the form of district specific projects that have not gone through any sort of vetting process,” said Bumstead. “The taxpayers of Michigan shouldn’t have to pay for special projects in order for us to address concerns of the coronavirus.”

“Supplemental bills like this are a large part of the reason that people have a huge mistrust of government,” Bumstead said. “During this term, we’ve already heard the need to raise more revenue so that we can fund priorities like roads, and I believe this supplemental is the perfect example of foolishly spending taxpayer dollars. The Michigan Senate should strip out all of the unnecessary spending so that we can focus on what is most important to protect the health and welfare of our residents.”

Nearly $189 million in state General Fund dollars is included in this spending package. Below is a list of all General Fund items included in this supplemental:

Michigan Animal Agriculture Alliance $3,000,000
County Fairs, Shows and Exhibition Grant Reduction $1,000,000

Attorney General
Clergy Investigation $1,000,000

Capital Outlay
Northern MI Construction Auth $100
Oakland Construction Auth $100
Ferris State Construction Auth $100
Glen Oaks CC Construct Auth and Cost Increase $100
Macomb CC Construction Auth $100

Settlement $25,000,000

Multistate Aquifer Study $500,000
Geological Survey and WMU $500,000
EPA containment study $200,000
Oil, Gas, and Mineral Services Fund shift reversal $3,900,000

Medicaid Hospital Outpatient 7% Rate Increase $7,143,200
CCWIS IT $5,837,000
McLaren pilot project $4,000,000
Private Duty Nursing rate increase $1,400,000
Behavioral health redesign $1,871,700
Muskegon FQHC $2,000,000
Traumatic Brain Injury Software $1,500,000
Unified Clinics $1,375,000
Child Advocacy Centers $1,000,000
U of D Mercy Dental $1,000,000
Runaway and Homeless Youth Services Program (One- Time) $300,000
Adoption Increase $700,000
Court-appointed special advocates $500,000
School Success Partnership Program $250,000
Adoptive Family Support Network Contract $250,000
Kids’ Food Basket (One-Time) $250,000
Cloud-based services $200,000
SAFE Substance Abuse grant $100,000
Senior programming $100,000

Labor and Economic Opportunity
Clare Water Line Replacement $2,500,000
Centers for Independent living $2,225,000
Great lakes Ecological Center $2,000,000
MDOT road project in Kalamazoo $1,800,000
Museums support – civil rights $1,500,000
Old Mission Road $1,500,000
Houghton Disaster funds $1,411,300
Sloan Museum $1,000,000
Van Andel Institute $1,000,000
North American Auto Show $1,000,000
City of Lansing – Cameras/large events $1,000,000
Chaldean community foundation $1,000,000
Holy Cross $1,000,000
Ferrysburg bridge $1,000,000
Educare $1,000,000
United Methodist Community House $1,000,000
Gogebic Michigan Works retirement $971,000
Langley Covered Bridge – St. Jo County $750,000
Amity Foundation $750,000
Lansing ladder truck $750,000
North Flint Food market $700,000
E-recording for real property projects $600,000
Madison Heights – Electro-Plating Services building demolition $600,000
Huron Schools $500,000
MEDC Defense Contractor $500,000
Detroit Symphony Orchestra $500,000
DPTV Early Childhood $500,000
Oakland County better with breakfast $500,000
Rouge park – picnic shelters $500,000
Funding to purchase new fire engine truck $500,000
MDOT Sound Wall project in Southgate (Wayne County) $500,000
“Six Points” Park Development $500,000
Special Ops And Response (SOAR) Vehicle (Bloomfield Twp) $500,000
Garden City Fire Department grant $500,000
Parchment Water Treatment Plant $450,000
Riverside arts center $300,000
Highscope Research Foundation grant $300,000
Flint Development Center grant $300,000
Military trainings – perishing high school $270,000
Conductive Learning Center $250,000
Commerce Township roundabout study $250,000
CSG for Detroit $250,000
Bay Harbor Arts Center $250,000
Helmets to Hardhats $250,000
Disability Network of Oakland and Macomb $250,000
Air filters for Detroit Public Schools $250,000
Union Steel Building demolition (Albion) $250,000
Plymouth cultural center $250,000
Greenspace initiative grant (Sterling Heights) $250,000
Children’s Center (Detroit) grant $250,000
MI Center for Civic Education grant $225,000
City of Burton Water Line Replacement $200,000
Castor Road Bridge $200,000
Manton library $200,000
Sterling Heights Fire – Lucas devises $200,000
Henrietta Township fire truck $200,000
Linden Creek parkway GM pathway $200,000
“Talent Development Coalition” grant (Pontiac) $200,000
Saginaw Valley Naval Museum infrastructure needs $200,000
Pittsfield Township (Washtenaw county) grant $200,000
Team Cares (Detroit) $200,000
Mount Clemens Community School District grant $200,000
Mercure and Holiday Camp park Grants $175,000
Ingham County sheriff’s office – security $175,000
Neighborhood greenspace initiative (Detroit) $175,000
Lane upgrades – St. Johns cheese plant $150,000
Infrastructure planning and survey mapping grant $150,000
Child and Family Charities grant $125,000
Muskegon prosecutor $120,000
Bailey Park infrastructure needs $120,000
Hope not Handcuffs (families against narcotics) $100,000
Beat the Streets $100,000
Washtenaw youth development $100,000
Goudy Park City Wayne $100,000
Eden Park community park $100,000
Kent Co. Youth Sex Offender Diversion program $100,000
City of Clawson Downtown Development Authority $100,000
Lathrup village for bike path $100,000
Center for Transformation grant (Grand Rapids) $100,000
Governor Warner Historic Mansion renovations $85,000
St. Louis center $50,000
Michilimackinac museum $50,000
Washtenaw pest control $50,000
Living and Enrichment Center Northville $50,000
Depot Town parking ramp $30,000
Binder Street Block Club – garden restoration $25,000
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools – STEM equipment $7,500

Buddy-to-buddy $250,000

Boat Launch/Marina Grants $1,000,000
Conservation Corps Program $500,000
Blanchard Dam Bond inspection and repair study $10,000

Operations $395,000

Legal Settlement $6,000,000
MIS Security $500,000

Venture Michigan Fund II $19,100,000
Coronavirus response – half into reserve fund $25,000,000
SIGMA upgrades $900,000

Presidential Primary $14,000,000
High water public infrastructure repair $5,000,000
Treasury Property Assessor $500,000
Ionia County ice/flood disaster $164,000

Higher Education
Bay Mills pass through $1,000,000

School Aid
Education Corps $2,000,000
10 cents a meal $2,000,000
EVAAS $1,500,000
Imagine learning (half reading half math) $1,000,000
Algebra nation $300,000
First Robotics (nonpublic) $300,000
First Robotics (public) $300,000
Children’s Choice Initiative $250,000
Nonprofit school health/safety reimbursement $250,000
SAT Advisor training $80,000
Michigan Industrial and Technology Education Society (MITES) $50,000
Dana Center $25,000



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