Sen. Bumstead defends rights of law-abiding citizens

Sen. Bumstead defends rights of law-abiding citizens

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. Jon Bumstead, R-North Muskegon, on Thursday released the following statement after the Senate passed legislation to restrict gun rights:

“While working to enhance public safety in light of public tragedies can be a noble cause, we cannot simply dismiss the rights of law-abiding citizens. The bills passed today do not only seriously threaten Second Amendment liberties but also rights to due process and legal representation guaranteed by our Constitution. That is why I supported several commonsense amendments brought forward by my colleagues to rectify these bills and protect the rights of peaceful Michiganders.

“I will continue to support legislative efforts to be tough on crime, address the enforcement of current statutes along with caseload and reporting burdens of our prosecutors, improve access to mental health services, and help to provide the funding needed to enhance security and safety concerns within our schools. I firmly believe we can find common ground on many issues that can and will work to increase public safety while also preserving the rights, freedoms, and liberties assured to us all by the Constitution. Sadly, the bills passed today fail to address the real evils of those who wish to do harm unto others and instead strip away protections and rights from law abiding Michiganders who hunt or are trying to protect their families.”

Bill amendments that were offered and supported by Bumstead, but were unfortunately defeated, included provisions to:

    • Provide $800 million for school safety grants.
    • Provide $200 million to reduce prosecutor case logs and enforce gun laws.
    • Guarantee legal counsel to anyone at risk of having their guns taken from them.
    • Increase the burden of proof to remove a person’s firearms under so-called red flag laws from the weakest ‘more likely than not’ to the stronger ‘clear and convincing.’
    • Ensure only law enforcement, not obsolete ex-partners or other distant acquaintances, can petition for someone to have their guns removed under so-called red flag laws.


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